Session 4 - How to provide constructive feedback to the students after posing the question?

This page has been created for the fourth session and is aimed at helping teachers understand the importance of providing constructive and customized feedback.  

Session Video

Please watch the video below:

Rubric Item

Rubric on Feedback quality
Criteria Acceptable Scope for  improvement Not Acceptable
Quality of the feedback provided for the question
(correct/incorrect answer)
The feedback provided for the question’s answer/ summary of the answer is constructive. It gives an elaborate explanation about why a particular answer is correct or incorrect. Thus, the summary/ explanation given addresses students’ misconceptions about the content/ topic. The feedback provided is only in the form of correct/ incorrect, right/wrong or one-word explanations. It is not constructive feedback and doesn’t help students in assessing their learning in terms of what went wrong/right while answering the question. The answers/ explanation/ summary given about the answer is incorrect.
There are no explanations/summary given in the form of feedback

Learning by Doing Activity

If you have already created questions as part of SPoCathon,

  1. Go to the course where you have already created questions
  2. Use the rubric item given above to self-evaluate the feedback that you.have provided to the question
  3. If the self-evaluation results in levels of either 'Scope for Improvement' or 'Not Acceptable' refine the feedback based on the video given in this session.

Summary Activity

Now that you have seen all the three rubric items, please complete this summary activity and upload the Course Journal along with this.