Session 1 - How to improve engagement of videos through chunking?

This video has been created for the first session and is aimed at helping teachers understand the importance of chunking the videos. We also explanation of creation of learning objectives for each identified chunk.


Before starting this session please ensure that:

  1. You have created a blank document (Word or GDoc or any other editor) for noting down the key learning points from this session
  2. You have identified an NPTEL course and video from your domain from the videos page which you want to augment

Session Video

After ensuring the above, please watch the below video:

Learning by Doing Activity

If you have already created questions as part of SPoCathon,

  1. Go to the course where you have already created videos, and check whether you have identified all the natural pause points of the video
  2. If not, identify the natural pause points now
  3. Create Learning Objectives for each of the video chunk. While creating the learning objective ensure that objectives are neither too daunting nor too trivial. Always remember that core idea behind this exercise is to ensure learners are engaged with the video content